Young Adult Ministry

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The Young Adult Discipleship meetings are a time of equipping young adults who have joined in covenant community at Fellowship Baptist Church and sending them out together to minister to the Riverside area. We believe young adults have a unique time in their life during the 18-25 year old range which provides them with opportunities they didn't have during high school and they likely won't have later in life when they start careers and families. As our young adults engage in the mission of God, they will no longer ask, “How can I go make disciples,” but will instead begin asking, “How can we together as a covenant community go make disciples?”

If you are in that young adult category, please join us at FBC every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from September through April. Young Adult Discipleship begins at 7:30pm in the sanctuary and ends by 9:00pm. You are also welcome to join us at 7:00pm for a time of getting to know each other before the meeting starts. Join us at our next meeting and don't waste your young adulthood.

The Young Adult Discipleship meeting is every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 7:30pm.

For more information about the Young Adult Discipleship meetings, email the church at