Ministry Expense Requests

Ministry Expense-Requests

Dear Ministry Leaders and Volunteers:

As you are looking to make purchases on behalf of the church, we ask you to follow the Ministry Expense Request process. Please plan your purchases at least 2 weeks in advance whenever possible. Please read the steps below carefully.

Step 1 Pre-Approval:  Please complete the FBC Expense Request Pre-approval Google form for pre-approval. Use this form to seek approval to make a purchase, before any purchases are made. Please submit pre-approval at least 2 weeks in advance of date you are expecting to make the purchase.

After you submit the form, your request will be reviewed by the elders, and you will be notified if your request is approved or denied.

Step 2:  Ministry Expense Reimbursement: (Complete only AFTER receiving elder pre-approval AND after the purchase is made)
Once you have received written confirmation the elders have approved your request to make a purchase, you may then make the purchase. After making the purchase, you may then seek reimbursement by completing the "ministry expense reimbursement request."

The expense reimbursement form is available in electronic or printed copy (in the Pastor's Office on top of the mailboxes).

Please allow two weeks to receive a reimbursement check. Reimbursement checks will not be processed without elder approval in writing (either through the Google pre-approval form or in rare instances of quick turnaround an email or text message).

Contact Semone at if you have questions. Thank you for your service to our church.

P.S. For general, reoccurring supply orders, you may contact Nancy in the church office to add supplies to the next church supply order (approximately every other month). Use the expense-request process for occasional, large purchases, or quick turnaround purchases.